Collaborative Design Sessions

Common wisdom is that you'll get more work done faster if you keep the number of those involved as small as possible. You know the drill: a few key executives holed up in a "war room" for a few days creating a plan with maybe the help of a consulting firm. Or, maybe the consultants study your organization and put a plan together on your behalf. Then, the plan is "sold" to the board, other leaders, departments, etc. to get buy-in. It’s a linear process during which months pass.

Do you embrace (as your own) something being sold to you?

At Marble, we believe "buy-in" is the result of a failed planning effort. We’re after something deeper, like "ownership" or "evangelism." But to get that level of commitment, leaders have to think counter-intuitively. More is more. A collaborative design experience invites decisions and plans to emerge from the whole of the system for which the plan is created. Instead of the senior leaders creating strategies for others to follow, strategy is created by both leaders and those who will be implementing day to day. Those who are closest to the customer for example, or embedded leaders who don’t yet have the job titles to "justify" their participation in strategic planning, even customers, board members, vendors, etc. all participate. The result is an aligned group of owners who will permeate the rest of the organization and implement faster and with one voice.

Marble offers two types of collaborative design sessions:

Strategic Actioning Session℠ ("The SAS") and Appreciative Inquiry Summit.